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      1. News Group news

        3 d simulator supporting slewing bearing delivery acceptance smoothly

        Release time: 2016-09-14Author:Research and development design department report

        On September 8th, we design and manufacture of 3 d simulator for a hangzhou company of form a complete set with rotary bearing, models for 013.45.1400.10 Z3 products through customer site acceptance, and through the related environmental testing in low temperature. On September 13 to delivery to the customer site.

        Field where the application of this product is very special, need to deal with the degreasing, approximate vacuum, running environment and under low temperature, the parts shall not have cold shortness of potential danger. In view of the above our products have not been involved in application field, research has classified the product annual r&d project formally set up the 3 d simulator used in rotary bearing research and development, project Numbers for YF - 002-2016. Through the efforts of the team almost four months, has successfully completed the acceptance and delivery of customers.



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