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      1. News Media focus

        Steel structure golden flower falls in yiwu China world trade center

        Release time: 2016-11-10Author:

        Recently, yiwu by Wan Sha housing developments of the world trade center project with high technical difficulty, advanced construction technology and excellent engineering quality, won the 12th (2015-2016), China construction steel structure industry engineering quality highest honor -- the gold medal, China steel structure which is yiwu first won the "diamond award" construction projects.




        The graph is: construction metal structure as an award in 2015

        It is understood that the world trade center project is located in yiwu international trade city yiwu financial business core area, a total construction area of 480000 square meters, from 1 level 215 meters of landmark building with 3 150 meters tall building and the skirt building surround close, item set large Shopping plaza Shopping mall, super five-star luxury hotel, high-end office, jiang jinghao curtilage is equal to one, will be the middle of zhejiang and innovative high-end urban commercial complex in east China.

         YuYunXin Neoglory Prosperity President, said "the world trade center as the region of middle of zhejiang yiwu's tallest building project, the main building 215 meters high, construction difficulty is unusual, its steel structure is important one annulus. The world trade center cross section steel structure are mainly concentrated in super-high hotel ?


        The graph is: the Chinese steel structure

        It is reported, China steel structure engineering quality gold medal is China construction steel structure industry's highest honor, the China construction metal structure association is responsible for the review, we ranked engineering project quality should meet the domestic leading level.

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