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      1. News Media focus

        The silk road district a elaborate housing will be born again, Wan Sha foundation, the palace garden grand scene

        Release time: 2016-11-12Author:


        On November 12, 2016, the transfer of high-profile yiwu this year, the second piece of large residential land of Wan Sha property, the palace garden scene ushered in the great engineering foundation stone laying ceremony today, project planning has 214 households with double main high-end model of high end residential, and form a complete set of children's park, cultural activity center and other facilities, it is also the yiwu silk road new district first low density residential projects.

        Wan Sha o king palace garden is located in yiwu silk road blocks, strong regional advantage, adjacent to the silk road town finance, yiwu river in the north, comfortable living environment. Total project covers an area of 99.42 mu, building area of 130000 square meters, of which the building area of 72700 square meters, construction area of 57200 square meters, underground plot ratio 1.1, 36.94% green area with double high-end model is given priority to, main products ?

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