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      1. News Media focus

        Zhou xiao guang was elected the third council President of yiwu city model worker association

        Release time: 2016-12-25Author:

        (the meeting)

        Recently, yiwu successive model workers a total of more than 200 people gathered at various levels, held in yiwu municipal party committee party school of the association of switching from the third general meeting at a time. Meeting summary and deployment of the association of work, and elected the new model peasant association leadership, Neoglory Prosperity chairman xiao-guang zhou was elected the third council President of yiwu city model worker association.

        Ding Dingxing deputy director of the standing committee to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. City federation of trade unions party secretary, chairman Liu Jintu, party member of Marine attended the meeting.

        , the third city model worker association for team leader Marine on behalf of the organizing team report to the general assembly for preparations for transition. Consideration by the general assembly the second model worker association council work report, "yiwu model worker association


        (the electoral vote)

        As the board chairman of the newly elected labor model, xiao-guang zhou delivered a speech, she first to thank everyone for her trust. She said, "model worker is industries, the outstanding representatives of each position is the leader of the socialist material civilization construction, is the pioneer of spiritual civilization construction. A model association is the bridge and the link to contact model." She said, as the President, will take a good model leading role, vigorously carry forward the spirit of labor model, build respect labor model, learning, a model of good social atmosphere, to promote the city's economic and social development to make due contributions.


        (the new model peasant association council President, chairman of Neoglory Prosperity xiao-guang zhou)

        The delegates agreed that, in recent years, yiwu city model worker association around municipal party committee, municipal government center work, advancing with The Times, blaze new trails, vigorously carry forward the great working class character and spirit of labor model, a model demonstration leading role into full play, service model, concerned about labor model, unite and lead the whole city general labor model made new contribution to yiwu's economic and social development.


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