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      1. News Media focus

        Stand out from the more than 400 million families Xiao-guang zhou family won the "national civilized family" honorary title

        Release time: 2016-12-12Author:

        On December 12, the first session of the national civilized family commendation congress held in Beijing. Xinguang YuanCheng chairman xiao-guang zhou family won the title of "national civilized family".

        The family is the smallest social cell. A cell's healthy or not, to the whole body, may not have direct impact, however, if all the cells are healthy growth, so the whole body, must be full of vitality. "Home is the smallest countries, are thousands", each small family trait, the country's social ethos is a natural harmony. Each small family harmony, the whole social ethos is civilized and harmonious nature.


        The highest honor is the most beautiful praise of civilized family 】

        Commendation meeting, the national civilized family delegates listened close to xi jinping, general secretary's important speech, you have said, the general secretary had a cordial meeting with into the infinite power, seriously practice the socialist core values, carry forward the traditional family virtues of the Chinese nation, the construction of a new era of start-up culture, with a good family trait, supporting a good social climate.

        Xiao-guang zhou said: "the honorary title of" national civilized family ", is the highest honor family civilization construction field, to be able to win this award, is the party and the government of the highest praise, we the family is the highest evaluation of construction of the social from all walks of life to our family. We need to stick to the spirit of the kernel in the coming days, constantly ?


        The home and everything The model of national family 】

        End of 1985, YuYunXin, xiao-guang zhou couple hong merchants settled in yiwu, engaged in jewelry and other small commodities business. Because being honest sincere figure change, management innovation, business is booming. Which family members are added to enterprise scale expands unceasingly, xinguang has become in the national and global industry has a certain influence of large private enterprise group. In more than 20 years in the process of the family groups, and gradually xiao-guang zhou family tidy and clear the "thrifty, baiban (family heirloom, helpful, a disadvantage is a blessing, tolerance, honesty, kindness" Dan and series house rules, the whole family is full of responsibility, love, gratitude, and a pleasant positive energy; Because each xinguang family lead by example, "with

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